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Watch Corneil Bernie online: Episode 2 Moonstroke / Jungle Panic

Moonstroke Bernie is watching Corneil one night and Corneil spots a vampire in the apartment across the street. Corneil gets suspicious and Bernie thinks his pooch is crazy until he sees the vampire. He decides to spy on the vampire. They follow the vampire to a theatre (the old kind, not the cineplex) and Corneil learns that it was just a play and tries to warn Bernie before he gets hurt. Jungle Panic Bernie signs up for a Survivor-style reality show called Jungle Panic, where contestants must survive on an island for a week to win one million dollars without falling prey to Crusoe Syndrome, a hallucination-like disorder. The TV executives choose Bernie with one condition: that he brings Corneil along. While on the island, Corneil learns two things: One, shooting a flare into the sky will disqualify you. And two, there are cameras watching. Corneil tries to get rid of the other two contestants and Bernie ends up fighting over the prize.

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