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Welcome to the Readit guide at TV Tome. For eight years, John Robbins had been producing and hosting language arts series for the late Ray V. Gladfelter at a company which would become Children's Television International. Most of these shows were designed to motivate children to read. These series ran under various titles, among them Cover to Cover, The Book Bird, and Storybound. All were acclaimed for excellence in educational television. When Children's Television International faced financial strife in 1981, John Robbins established his own company, Positive Image Productions. Staffing the new company were some of his co-workers on his past productions. Robbins reconnected to AIT, the company that had given him his first national TV exposure with Cover to Cover. The first Positive Image Productions series was Readit with John Robbins, built on the Cover to Cover format. In Readit, Robbins would introduce a children's book and its characters, set the stage fo

Actors: Paul Lally, John Robbins

Season 1 of Readit

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