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What is Down to Earth (1984) about?
The premise of this fondly remembered sitcom from the '80s, which ran on WTBS (before they dropped the "W") was best summed up with some words from the theme song... "Back in the days of Valentino, we know a maid named Ethyl was so bright and alive. But she was struck down by a trolley, golly; said goodbye in nineteen-twenty-and-five. Ethyl in Heaven awaited patiently to earn her wings and be an angel fancy free. Sixty years later the opportunity to help a family came. Back down to Earth to teach the Prestons lessons -- Richard, Lissy, Dwayne, and J.J. too..." In an attempt to earn her wings, Ethel is placed with the Preston family, where she acts as maid. Richard Preston, a widower and realtor, is the head of the clan. Duane is the class-conscious teenage son and Lissy is the teenage daughter. The youngest of the Preston clan is J.J., the only one who knows that Ethel is an angel, since she was the answer to his prayers. Over the years, there were a number of cast

Actors: Rip Taylor, Kyle Richards, Randy Josselyn, Lester Fletcher, Marla Rubinoff, Carol Mansell, Dick Sargent, Ronnie Schell, David Kaufman, Stephen Johnson, Michael DeLano
Genre: Comedy

Season 1 of Down to Earth (1984)

    Episode 8: Aunt Roz  

Season 2 of Down to Earth (1984)

Season 3 of Down to Earth (1984)

    Episode 4: Epidemic  

Season 4 of Down to Earth (1984)

Season 5 of Down to Earth (1984)

Season 6 of Down to Earth (1984)

Season 7 of Down to Earth (1984)

    Episode 6: Cruise I  
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