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Watch Beast Wars Neo online: Episode 3 Burning Spirit Below Freezing

On a distant planet, a cry of hate is heard and the surface of the world ices over and large spikes of ice form as the unsuspecting Cybertrons approach in the starship Gung Ho on a mission to find another Amogolois energy capsule. Navi explains that the Gung Ho is nearing the planet, Solid. It is supposed to be a warm world with creatures that live by the seashore. The crew of the Gung Ho are enthusiastic, and Big Convoy agrees to go to this pleasant sounding world. He orders everyone to take their stations and the Gung Ho warps towards planet Solid. Unknown to the Cybertrons, the Destrons are following them. All the Destrons are eager to get the Amogolois capsule except one. Dead End does not like the idea of sneaking around, to him it is behavior unbecoming a warrior. He is silenced by Guiledart and Magmatron orders DNavi to take the Destron ship to planet Solid. For some reason, DNavi tells Magmatron to call her Anastasia, but Magmatron ignores this, much to DNavi's chagrin. The Cyb

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