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On the planet God Bless, the natives are stunned when a mountain begins shaking violently. Suddenly, the mountain begins to lift off the ground! Separated from the planet surface, the chunk of the planet floats in the air right above the planet! The Gung Ho arrives on the scene in time to see the strange occurence. Navi explains that God Bless is a planet of peaceful people whose life is based on agriculture. Big Convoy mistakes the floating mountain for a satellite. Navi explains that God Bless does not have any such satellites. Longrack insists they must investigate. Although the crew is made up of trainees, they are still Cybertrons and have a duty to investigate such occurences in the galaxy. Big Convoy agrees and the Gung Ho moves closer to the strange mountain. Suddenly, a giant ghost like figure appears! It appears to be one of the Convoy council, and claims to be the ""God of Cybertron"". The apparition warns them that they should not approach any closer before shocking all of th

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