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Watch Beast Wars Neo online: Episode 1 Move out Big Convoy!

Somewhere in the universe, a force of Cybertrons try to infiltrate a heavily armed fortress. Inside - the Destron leader Magmatron! He laughs as one by one, Cybertrons are blown away by his weapons. When all hope seems lost, a lone warrior appears on the horizon. Dodging the dangerous weapons, the warrior crashes into Magmatron's control center. Magmatron is surprised the warrior has come alone, and the Cybertron explains he prefers working solo - he is the ""One man army"" Big Convoy! The powerful warrior charges up his ""Big Cannon"" and fires! The base is destroyed, and Big Convoy walks away victorious. Afterwards, Big Convoy is flying solo when he receives a communique ordering him to report to Cybertron Camp - a space station that provides supplies for Cybertrons engaged in space operations. He turns off the transmission at first, but then the base appears right in front of him! His ship is brought in and he is not too happy about this interruption. Big Convoy is brought before the Co

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