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What is Newscast from the Past about?
Welcome to the Newscast from the Past guide at TV Tome. Fifteen years after Michael Palin and Terry Jones put out The Complete and Utter History of Britain for LWT, Gary Witt rediscovered this humorous concept and made it his own with Newscast from the Past. True, The Complete and Utter History of Britain was devised purely as a humor program with no educational intent. Gary Witt, however, saw the incredible potential of the format Terry Jones and Michael Palin had devised. Newscast from the Past was a mock news broadcast covering historical events from various points in a century. Every aspect of an actual newscast was in place, including field reports, anchor stories, debates, and commercials. Always the program began with this disclaimer: "While the events in this program did not occur simultaneously, mnost were contemporary." This was a method to educate a world fifteen years removed from The Complete and Utter History of Britain. The success of Newscast from the Pas

Actors: Mary Sit, Henry A. Anderson, Richard Goodman

Season 1 of Newscast from the Past

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