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What is Star Trek: Enterprise about?
"It's Good to be Home." Enterprise is the latest entry in the Star Trek saga and takes place during the mid-22nd century. Under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer, the crew of the first warp five starship (the Enterprise NX-01) begin to explore the galaxy. As their mission progresses, the crew encounter familiar races like the Klingons and Andorians as well as some new ones.

Actors: Connor Trinneer, Anthony Montgomery, Dominic Keating, Jolene Blalock, Scott Bakula, John Billingsley, Linda Park
Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
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Season 1 of Star Trek: Enterprise

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Season 2 of Star Trek: Enterprise

    Episode 13: Dawn  
    Episode 14: Stigma  
    Episode 17: Canamar  
    Episode 20: Horizon  
    Episode 25: Bounty  

Season 3 of Star Trek: Enterprise

(watch here)
    Episode : E²  
    Episode 2: Anomaly  
    Episode 4: Rajiin  
    Episode 6: Exile  
    Episode 19: Damage  
    Episode 21: E  

Season 4 of Star Trek: Enterprise

(watch here)
    Episode : The Forge  
    Episode : Awakening  
    Episode : Kir'Shara  
    Episode : Babel One  
    Episode : United  
    Episode : The Aenar  
    Episode : Afflictio  
    Episode : Demons  
    Episode 3: Home  
    Episode 17: Bound  
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