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What is T-Bag and the Sunstones of Montezuma about?
Welcome to the T. Bag and the Sunstones of Montezuma guide at TV Tome. The tea-drinking, power crazed witch by the name of T-Bag (Tabatha Bag) is on a quest, along with her T-Caddy T-Shirt, to recover the powerful Sunstones of Montezuma which can grant her the power of the sun! Penny and her father though vow to stop her by scattering the Sunstones throughout time and space. Penny then goes through many wierd and wacky worlds to collect the sunstones up to destroy them so T-Bag can't use them for her evil intentions. If you want to learn more about this and other series please visit The High-T Website.

Actors: Evelyn Sweeney, John Hasler, Georgina Hale

Season 1 of T-Bag and the Sunstones of Montezuma

    Episode 2: Y-Fronts  
    Episode 10: Hippies  
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