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Watch The Mountain online: Episode 7 The Letter

Eric is discovered nearly frozen to death on the Carver's ski lift. No one understands how this could have happened so David talks to Scarlett, the young Boundary employee who was working on the mountain the night before, and she reveals that she may have been distracted while shutting down the ski lift. This could open the Carvers up to a major lawsuit but David is more concerned with trying to figure out what Eric was doing back at Boundary in the first place. Shelly tries to win back Sam's friendship back by getting him an autographed CD from a band staying at Colin's hotel. While there she runs into Michael and Ronnie, the band's manager and his beautiful ex-girlfriend. After talking to Gennie about her daughter, Michael tries to let Shelly know that it wouldn't be a good idea for them to pursue a relationship. Shelly seeks comfort in Sam but finds that he is now spending time with Scarlett.

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