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What is Lost about?
After their plane, Oceanic Air flight 815, tore apart whilst thousands of miles off course, the survivors find themselves on a mysterious deserted island where they soon find out they are not alone.

Actors: Malcolm David Kelley, Jorge Garcia, Maggie Grace, Josh Holloway, Yunjin Kim, Evangeline Lilly, Daniel Dae Kim, Ian Somerhalder, Harold Perrineau Jr., Terry O'Quinn, Emilie de Ravin, Matthew Fox, Dominic Monaghan, Naveen Andrews, Michelle Rodriguez
Genre: Action and Adventure, Drama, Science-Fiction
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Season 1 of Lost

    Episode 7: The Moth  
    Episode 9: Solitary  
    Episode 14: Special  
    Episode 16: Outlaws  
    Episode 18: Numbers  

Season 2 of Lost

    Episode : Collision  
    Episode 2: Adrift  
    Episode 18: Dave  
    Episode 19: S.O.S.  
    Episode 21: ?  

Season 3 of Lost

    Episode : Exposé  
    Episode 6: I Do  
    Episode 14: Expos  
    Episode 18: D.O.C.  

Season 4 of Lost

    Episode 4: Eggtown  
    Episode 7: Ji Yeon  

Season 5 of Lost

    Episode 2: The Lie  
    Episode 3: Jughead  
    Episode 6: 316  
    Episode 8: LaFleur  
    Episode 9: Namaste  

Season 6 of Lost

    Episode : Reckoning  
    Episode 1: LA X (1)  
    Episode 2: LA X (2)  
    Episode 6: Sundown  
    Episode 8: Recon  
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