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What is Medical Investigation about?
Neal McDonough (NBC's Boomtown) and Kelli Williams (The Practice) return to series television as members of a mobile medical team from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) who are summoned in a heartbeat to scope out -- and hopefully snuff out -- outbreaks of unexplained and fearful diseases. These specialists drop out of the sky anywhere and have government carte blanche to take charge when people start dying, which requires them to medically re-construct grisly events to prevent the next epidemic, plague or contagion. McDonough stars as Dr. Stephen Connor, the leader of the team whose take-charge attitude has enabled him to save the lives of millions, but in the process, has sadly cost the separated Connor his family. Williams portrays Dr. Natalie Durant, who specializes in pathology and epidemiology and works under the supervision of Connor, a man whom she respects, but is willing to stand up to in any life-threatening situation. The elite team also includes Troy Winb

Actors: Anna Belknap, Kelli Williams, Neal McDonough, Troy Winbush, Christopher Gorham
Genre: Drama


Season 1 of Medical Investigation

    Episode 2: In Bloom  
    Episode 4: Escape  
    Episode 5: Progeny  
    Episode 6: Team  
    Episode 8: Mutation  
    Episode 12: Spiked  
    Episode 13: Tribe  
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