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What is Boohbah about?
Be enchanted by Boohbah, an exciting childrens programme from Ragdoll, the award-winning producers of Teletubbies. It has a format that fosters creative interactivity for an audience of 3-6 year olds and invites their total involvement. Boohbah is entirely designed to encourage physical action on the part of its young viewers. It deliberately combines infectious magical movement for children to imitate with inset stories for them to predict outcomes. The Boohbahs - Humbah, Jingbah, Jumbah, Zing Zing Zingbah, and Zumbah are five magical atoms of power light and fun, who travel in their Boohball around the world from child to child. The Boohbahs represent the imaginative power and light, which allows children to control the screen action by the use of the magic word, Boohbah. So they send presents into an imaginary Storyworld for the Storypeople - Mrs Lady, Mr Man, Grandmamma, Grandpappa, Brother and Sister, Auntie and Little Dog Fido, to play with and make a story in partnership with them. Children are totally engaged and have a lot of fun guessing, which Storyperson will appear and what will happen next.

Actors: Penelope Keith, Cubert Smith, Charles Bergest, Rudolph Walker

Season 1 of Boohbah

    Episode 5: Windows  
    Episode 12: Hammock  
    Episode 15: Bubbles  
    Episode 21: The Bed  
    Episode 26: Hot Dog  
    Episode 30: Bells  
    Episode 31: Shed  
    Episode 41: Puddle  
    Episode 44: Cracker  
    Episode 45: Island  
    Episode 47: Tunnel  
    Episode 55: Beards  
    Episode 61: Stream  
    Episode 79: Jigsaw  
    Episode 80: Stick  
    Episode 81: Flag  
    Episode 94: Sledge  
    Episode 95: Camera  
    Episode 104: Book  
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