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Welcome to the Trivia Trap guide at TV Tome. Welcome to the exciting world of trivia, where every wrong answer could lead you into a trap ..." Trivia games enjoyed a huge run of popularity in the early 1980s, thanks to the Trivial Pursuit board game and a 1984 revival of television's reverse-quiz show, Jeopardy! Mark Goodson Productions attempted to cash in on the trivia cow with its own show, Trivia Trap. Two teams of three members each, one who was the returning champions, compete against each other to select the answers to trivia questions. One team was dubbed the "Juniors" and were between 18-29 years old. The second team was designated the "Seniors" and were at least 30 years old. Two formats were used, with the front games changed about halfway through the run. Those games were as follows: Format 1 Host Eubanks announced two sets of four possible answers to an unannounced trivia question. The captain of the challenging team selected one set, to which

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