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What is The Genie From Down Under about?
In decaying Townes Hall, where Lady Diana Townes is forced to take in wealthy paying guests, her 13-year-old daughter Penelope comes across a dazzling opal in an old trunk. She discovers it holds a Genie who has the power to save the ancestral home and improve the family's fortunes. Bruce is the Genie of the Black Opal, brought to England from Australia 130 years ago by Penelope's great, great, grandfather, Sir Claude. Bruce and his son Baz live in the opal, waiting to be summoned and longing to get away from wet and cold Wiltshire and back to paradise, Australia. So when Penelope, in an unguarded moment, wishes she were somewhere else, Bruce whisks her overseas to her inheritance, Townes Downs a run down farmhouse in the middle of the Australian outback. Penelope hates Australia and is constantly trying to get back to Wiltshire. Bruce thinks Australia is heaven on earth. Penelope has the power. Bruce has the magic. He can't be free, but Penelope can't quite contr

Actors: Glenn Meldrum, Bobbi Henry
Genre: Children

Season 1 of The Genie From Down Under

    Episode 5: Customs  
    Episode 6: Larceny  

Season 2 of The Genie From Down Under

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