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What is The Voyage of the Mimi about? The Voyage of the Mimi and The Second Voyage of the Mimi are groundbreaking programs created by The Bank Street College of Education. They were among the first multimedia materials to use interactive technologies in an inquiry-based, integrated approach to teaching and learning for the middle grades, with an emphasis on science and mathematics. They consist of video, software, and print materials, including lesson plans, hands-on activities, and student-directed and collaborative projects. The 13 video episodes of The Voyage of the Mimi take students and teachers on a scientific expedition to study whales. The 12 video episodes of The Second Voyage tell the story of archaeologists in search of a lost Mayan city. The videos consist of dramatic episodes paired with a related documentary-style "expeditions." The dramatic episodes present an exciting, reality-based adventure/drama. The expeditions visit real places to witness scientists at work

Actors: Ben Affleck, Edwin De Asis, Martha P. Hill, Victoria Gadsden, Peter Marston, Mary Tanner, Mark Graham, Judy Pratt

Season 1 of The Voyage of the Mimi

Season 2 of The Voyage of the Mimi

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