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What is Jury (1983) about?
Welcome to the Jury (1983) guide at TV Tome. There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details. Donald Fleming has been charged with an assault on a young woman and is brought to trial. The series highlights certain aspects of the trial itself, but is mainly concerned with the effect that being called up for jury service has on the lives of the individual jurors.

Actors: Charles Shaughnessy, William Gaunt, Angela Morant, Christopher Scoular, Debbie Farrington, Grant Cathro, Alan Judd, Steve Alder, Corinne Skinner Carter, Gabrielle Lloyd, Bronwen Gray, Margaret Whiting, Richard Piper, Roy Evans, Hugh Ross, Hugh Lloyd, Sam Dastor, David

Season 1 of Jury (1983)

    Episode 1: John  
    Episode 3: Louise  
    Episode 4: Gerald  
    Episode 5: David  
    Episode 6: Mary  
    Episode 7: Andrew  
    Episode 8: Julian  
    Episode 9: Mick  
    Episode 11: Ann  
    Episode 13: Verdict  
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