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Watch Dead Mans Gun online: Episode 2 Fool's Gold

A con man finds the Dead Man's Gun and the claim to what he believes is a barren mine, which he sells to a half-wit (Matt Frewer), but soon regrets it when the the half-wit shows up in town with gold nuggets to deposit. He quickly convinces his prey that he needs help to properly run the mine, and agrees to be 50/50 partners so long as they agree that if one dies, the survivor inherits the rest, to protect them against claim-jumpers. Of course, he intends to kill the half-wit and inherit the entire mine back, with the help of his beautiful new girlfriend, and run it with the equipment he plans to purchase using money he has gotten from the local loan-shark. Or course, the town lawyer sees right through the con man's plan and threatens not to endorse the partnership agreement unless he is cut in for a share, but the con man simply kills him. But the tables are turned on the con man when the half-wit disappears with the money intended for the mining equipment, and the loan shark get

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