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What is This Week in Pro Football about?
Since 1965, NFL Films has set the standards for all other sports documentarists to follow. They had already made inroads with NFL Game of the Week, which singled out a single game. Now, in 1967, NFL Films was ready to create a weekly highlight show of each NFL game in each week. Welcome to This Week in Pro Football, NFL Films' summary of all game action from each weekend of the NFL season. The show would run under various titles, but This Week in Pro Football is the best-remembered. It became the training ground for Tom Brookshier (left) and Pat Summerall (right) to do commentary together, leading to a few years' success on CBS and a friendship that continues to this day. Despite bad clearances that might have blunted its impact, This Week in Pro Football drew raves around the league, as did its hosts. Brookshier and Summerall provided early shades of the wisecracks that are common to sports shows today. Such comments included "winter horrorland of Cleveland" and "t

Actors: Tom Brookshier, Harry Kalas, Charlie Jones, Al Meltzer, Pat Summerall

Season 8 of This Week in Pro Football

    Episode 1: Week 12  
    Episode 2:   
    Episode 3:   
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