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What is Turkey Television about?
It sounds stupid, but oh Take one look and you'll know That a turkey created TV. Welcome to the Turkey Television guide at TV Tome. By 1985, the brains behind You Can't Do That on Television carried their creative energies from Ottawa to Toronto. From there emerged Nickelodeon's hodgepodge of comedy bits from all over the world: France, Italy, Australia, the United Kingdom. A lot of acquisitions took place to make Turkey Television, and some of the sources were pretty amazing. London Weekend Television loaned bits from the Pink Medicine Show, Russ Abbott's Madhouse and Pushing Up Daisies. Norwegian network NRK brought filmed pieces tapped from Nuts and their 1979 award-winning travelogue spoof To Norway Home of Giants. Cartoons first used on The Great Space Coaster, came to Turkey Television. Also brought in were bits from the New Jersey Network cult classic The Uncle Floyd Show. And there was more where that came from. From New York came Mickey Siporin's

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