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What is 3-2-1 Contact about?
The product of three years' development, 3-2-1 Contact (B. 1980 D. 1988) stands as the third-longest-running series ever produced by the Children's Television Workshop (as it was then called). Its premise was to bring the world of science, and all its excitement, to middle-school students, particularly girls and minorities. Through seven seasons, various hosts traveled around the world to find science in everything. Over the years, features such as clever animation, biographies, and the detective series The Bloodhound Gang were included. Complementing the series for middle-school students and teachers alike was 3-2-1 Contact magazine, edited by Jonathan Rosenbloom. In the first season of 3-2-1 Contact, three hosts Lisa, Marc, and Trini met at a regular set, called the "workshop," to discuss their scientific adventures. It looked every bit the science equivalent of The Electric Company, with loads of animation and regular celebrity segments.

Actors: Abigael Maryan, Candida Romero, Todd A. Rolle, Hopey itzpatrick, Kelly Pino, Manny Mendiola, David Drach, Ginny Ortiz, Ruth Sherman, Frank Gomez, Al Dana, Ericka Pazcoguin, Damaris Carbaugh, Seth Greenspan, Kelly Pease, Tannis Valley, David Quinn, Marcelino Sanchez,

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