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Watch The Bugaloos online: Episode 15 The Bugaloos Bugaboo

Sparky is unhappy because Gina Lola-Wattage has not written him. The Bugaloos insist that she's busy, but Sparky believes it's because she's a big Rock Star, and he's a "nobody". The Bugaloos insist he can be anything he wants to be, so Sparky decides to become a songwriter. With the help of the Bugaloos, Sparky pens a short ditty called "I Really Love You". This information makes it to Benita Bizarre who is told that *Sparky* is the real talent behind the Bugaloos, so she becomes "J.W. Wooster, Hollywood Agent, Extraordinare", and hires Sparky as her new songwriter. She then takes his songs and uses them in Peter Platter's "Big Talent Contest", for which the winner gets a guest shot on Peter's "Big TV Show". The Bugaloos go to retrieve Sparky from her clutches.

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