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Watch Blue Submarine No 6 online: Episode 4 Minasoko

For involving herself with the fate of a human, Mutio faces Verg's wrath while back on Blue Submarine #6 Hayami decides to take the fate of the world into his own hands. Both cling tenaciously to the idea that embittered battling will only lead to mutual annihilation. Winding through Blue 6's deserted chambers after freeing Katsuma from his life-support sarcophagus, Hayami carries his mutated friend along on his secret mission only to be stopped by Iga, who promptly lets him pass after officially admonishing the rogue pilot. Iga, too, hopes that Hayami's journey to Zorndyke will yield a diplomatic, rather than a nuclear, end to the conflict. Kino waits for him in the hanger, another accomplice in Hayami's illegal jaunt to Antarctica, more suspicious of Zorndyke's intentions but still willing to follow Hayami. Once released into the open water, Katsuma arranges safe transit through the hostile waters around Zorndyke's compound, putting as much faith in Hayami to reach a resolution with

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