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Watch Blue Submarine No 6 online: Episode 3 Hearts

Pulled out of the ocean onto some floating debris of the destroyed Blue Fleet base, Hayami once again encounters the amphibious woman who now offers him food and companionship. But it doesn't take long for her sisters and other assembled Zorndyke creatures to track them down. The marine amalgams, though, don't attack but rather surround the star-crossed duo in anxious anticipation. Still submerged and trying to piece together any semblance of a strike unit, Blue 6 and crew seek out a mammoth nuclear torpedo in the hopes that its strength will be enough to stop Zorndyke in Antarctica. Surface side, a musuca approaches Hayami, now stripped of everything he cares about, with the offer to take him back to Blue 6. Taken aback not only by the musuca's ability to speak but also by its kinship with the amphibious woman, whom the titan creature calls Mutio, Hayami renews his sense of diplomacy and is determined to confront Zorndyke personally for answers to the old man's motives. However, Hayam

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