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Watch Blue Submarine No 6 online: Episode 2 Pilots

Having murdered the attacking musuca, a whale-like biological amalgam developed by Zorndyke featured in the closing scene of ""Blues,"" the Blue forces face the Phantom Ship at the opening of ""Pilots."" Zorndyke's flagship proves too much for the whole fleet, driving Blue 6 out of the battle that eventually destroys Tokyo. It's home decimated; the Blue 6 crew regroups with the Pacific Fleet at an elaborate underwater stronghold where world leaders strategize a way to strike at Zorndyke directly. But a briefing of the plan is interrupted by a message from Zorndyke, a haggard, woeful man, admonishing this military clan that attempts to stop the course of events he has set in motion will come to naught. Zorndyke's complacency only inspires a more rooted determinism within Blue Fleet. However, Hayami reads deeper into Zorndyke's reasoning. His utter detestation for Blue Fleet's bellicose plans, undermined only by his involvement in those plans, seeps into the narrative and, again, hints at Ha

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