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Watch Blue Submarine No 6 online: Episode 1 Blues

Tokyo, flooded from a premature melting of the polar ice caps, harbors what's left of an international navy set on fighting back the hordes of genetic mutants organized by the recluse Professor Zorndyke. The grizzled captain of Blue Submarine No. 6, the under-manned flagship of a submariner fleet, sends a young, impulsive Mayumi Kino to enlist the services of a surly ex-naval pilot, Tetsu Hayami. The fatalistic Hayami refuses, which drives an infuriated Kino storming into the waterlogged streets of Tokyo just as a Zorndyke strike begins. Struggling to get back to No. 6, an unflappable Kino gets stranded on a dock and trapped by a massive, arachnid-shaped mecha. Hayami, either caving in to an innate sense of duty or hungry for a little action, arrives in a motorboat, rescues Kino and shuttles them both to No. 6 which is in the midst of developing a strategy to combat the onslaught of Zorndyke's forces. With tortured maverick flare, Hayami leaps into a battle pod with Kino as his gunner

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