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What is Dr. Kildare about?
Dr. Kildare came to television after having been an extremely successful series of movies in the 1940's. There was something immensely appealing about the story of a young intern in a large metropolitan hospital trying to learn his profession, deal with problems of the patients and win the respect of the senior doctor in his specialty, internal medicine. Kildare was the young intern, Dr. Gillespie was the father figure and Blair General the hospital in which they practiced medicine. During the course of its run, Dr. Kildare went through an evolutionary process. By the third season Kildare was promoted to resident. His intern buddies from the first season, Dr. Agurski and Dr. Gerson were not seen in the subsequent seasons as the program came to center more closely on the patients and their families. In the 1965-66 season the show was aired twice a week as a half hour program rather than once a week for an hour.

Actors: Richard Chamberlain, Jean Inness, Jo Helton, Cynthia Stone, Steve Bell, Gary Judis, Lee Kurty, Raymond Massey, Jud Taylor, Eddie Ryder, Maxine Stuart, Joan Patrick, Ken Berry

Season 1 of Dr. Kildare

    Episode 2: Immunity  

Season 2 of Dr. Kildare

Season 3 of Dr. Kildare

    Episode 13: Oracle  

Season 4 of Dr. Kildare

Season 5 of Dr. Kildare

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