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What is The Michael Richards Show about?
Vic Nardozza (Michael Richards, "Seinfeld") is a lanky and bumbling detective working for a small agency, McKay Investigative Services. Even though Vic usually gets the job done but it is never easy, with many misunderstandings and screw ups along the way. Brady McKay (William Devane, "Turks") is the cheerful boss of the agency. Stacey (Amy Farrington) is the new hire and Kevin (Tim Meadows) is the photographer, always bickering with old Jack (Bill Cobbs, "The Gregory Hines Show", "The Others").

Actors: Michael Richards, William Devane, Tim Meadows, Bill Cobbs, Amy Farrington
Genre: Comedy

Season 1 of The Michael Richards Show

    Episode 7: USA Toy  
    Episode 10: Pilot  
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