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What is The Krofft Supershow about?
Welcome to The Krofft Supershow guide at TV Tome. Kaptain Kool and the Kongs (Superchick, Nashville, Turkey, and for the first season, Flatbush) were a colorful rock band who acted as hosts of this late-1970s weekly show. Besides introducing the various shows, Kaptain Kool and the Kongs would performs songs and participate in various skits. The first season featured episodes of Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, Dr. Shrinker, and Wonderbug. Initially, the show ran in a 90-minute timeslot with the final half-hour filled out with shortened The Lost Saucer reruns. Starting December 4, the show was cut back to an hour for the remainder of the run and The Lost Saucer reruns were dropped. During the second season, only Wonderbug stayed (with six new episodes and the remainer repeats from the previous season) while Magic Mongo and Bigfoot and Wildboy were added. After the second season, when the group turned down their own 13-week prime time variety series (Lembeck and Clinger didn't w

Actors: Debra Clinger, Louise DuArt, Bert Sommer, Mickey McMeel, Michael Lembeck

Season 1 of The Krofft Supershow

    Episode 1: Show 1  
    Episode 2: Show 2  
    Episode 3: Show 3  
    Episode 4: Show 4  
    Episode 5: Show 5  
    Episode 6: Show 6  
    Episode 7: Show 7  
    Episode 8: Show 8  
    Episode 9: Show 9  
    Episode 10: Show 10  
    Episode 11: Show 11  
    Episode 12: Show 12  
    Episode 13: Show 13  
    Episode 14: Show 14  
    Episode 15: Show 15  
    Episode 16: Show 16  

Season 2 of The Krofft Supershow

    Episode 1: Show 17  
    Episode 2: Show 18  
    Episode 3: Show 19  
    Episode 4: Show 20  
    Episode 5: Show 21  
    Episode 6: Show 22  
    Episode 7: Show 23  
    Episode 8: Show 24  
    Episode 9: Show 25  
    Episode 10: Show 26  
    Episode 11: Show 27  
    Episode 12: Show 28  
    Episode 13: Show 29  
    Episode 14: Show 30  
    Episode 15: Show 31  
    Episode 16: Show 32  
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