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What is Sparks about?
Welcome to the Sparks guide at TV Tome Sparks is the story of Alonzo Sparks, who owns his own law firm. Although he tries to maintain his cool and focus on his clients, he often has to focus more on his two argumentative sons. His sons compete about everything, who looks the best and who's the best lawyer. Their biggest wish is to become romantically involved with Wilma Cuthbert, the only female attorney at the firm. I'm not looking for any co-editor's for this guide, it is complete. But thanks for being helpful and understanding.

Actors: Kim Whitley, Miguel Nunez, Jr., Arif S. Kinchen, Robin Givens, Terrence Dashon Howard, James Avery

Season 1 of Sparks

    Episode 1: Pilot  
    Episode 2: Palimony  
    Episode 7: No Sweat  
    Episode 14: I Spy  

Season 2 of Sparks

    Episode 4: Dog Gone  
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