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Watch The Associates 1979 online: Episode 12 Inferno

The firm's celebration in winning a case against the USA is cut short when they hear there's a fire below them. Eliot leads the gang out -- except a panic-free Mr. Marshall, who makes Johnny help him save his stuff -- through the fire escape. They're soon rejoined by Eliot and company, who were told by firemen to go back, as the stairwell's on fire. The next plan is to evacuate via the elevators, but they're on fire too. So is the roof, leaving the only other option to wait out on the ledge for a helicopter -- which can only carry one person at a time -- to pick them up. As there's a chance it can't pick up everyone, they all draw numbered pieces of paper to see who'll be rescued in what order. After Johnny gets picked up, a storm hits and the helicopter's forced to leave without the others, who go back inside with Mr. Marshall to wait for the end. They'll have to wait a little longer than expected when Johnny returns with some firemen he led through a crawlspace. Everyone returns to w

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