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Watch The Associates 1979 online: Episode 11 Tucker's Co-op

After Tucker's wild roommate keeps him up all night, he decides he's too old to have one and moves out. There's an old building-turned-co-op across from Bass & Marshall that Tucker's got his eye on, but he needs $30,000. So he asks Mr. Marshall if he could get an advance to buy the co-op, which Mr. Marshall gives him. In cash. Tucker invites the gang over to see his new digs and Mr. Marshall drops by with some ""wonderful"" news -- he lives in the penthouse upstairs! After he's settled in, Tucker gets a call from an old college friend, Darcy Mason, whom he had his eye on and who's now available. Since she's in New York temporarily, Tucker invites her over in hopes of making up for lost time. But no sooner than she arrives than Mr. Marshall begins treating the co-op he paid for like it's his own by coming over uninvited with his gall stone-carrying blind date, Edith Tally. Unfortunately, the five hours Tucker would have spent with Darcy before she has to catch a plane are spent having to

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