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Watch The Associates 1979 online: Episode 9 The Party

Leslie is chipper when she starts seeing a political high-school teacher, Jerry Davis. Eliot plans his first party since being made partner, and Leslie plans to bring Jerry as her date, against Sara's whim. Leslie has second thoughts herself when she learns Jerry's got a big mouth with which he dubs the associates ""exploiters."" Fearful that Jerry not minding his manners around her peers will make it harder on the new girl in the future, Leslie convinces him to play nice there, and then asks Tucker, who shows up dateless, if he could help Jerry feel comfortable. Tucker agrees to do so with his Judy Garland impression. Eliot worries the party might stink until Johnny introduces him to the sexy rent-a-girl he asked to be fixed up with, Yvonne Winslow. Leslie worries Jerry will stick out like a sore thumb when Sara arrives with her date, Greek shipping magnate Thearkis Popodopolos. Her fears come to pass when Jerry and Elliot get into an angry political argument regarding the soon-to-be-ho

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