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Watch The Associates 1979 online: Episode 8 The Censors

A network is having censorship issues with a new sitcom, Me and Stevie, whose producer is threatening to sue if forced to cut things requested by S&P. Since the firm represents the network, one of the associates will handle it. After testing the group with off-color ethnic jokes, Mr. Marshall selects Tucker -- who didn't laugh -- and sends him to Hollywood to meet Gerald McMartin, the network chief, and Phil Kramer, the inflexible producer. Kramer says he'll only cut the scene in question if Tucker tells him it isn't funny, so it's performed live for him to judge. In it, a father has to explain to his young Boy Scout son Stevie about the airhead, Vera, that he just caught his dad in bed with. But Stevie locked himself in the bathroom and won't come out. During the course of the scene, Chick appears in his underwear, while Vera says she has to go tinkle, uses a slur for gays and gets her hair caught in Chick's zipper. S&P sends over gay group rep Adamson, who convinces Kramer the gay ja

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