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Watch The Associates 1979 online: Episode 7 Danko's a Daddy

Johnny comes to Mr. Marshall for help, as he needs a lawyer but is poor. Mr. Marshall says they can handle his case pro bono, until Johnny says he needs one because he just found out he's a father -- which Mr. Marshall thinks will bring negative publicity. But Johnny doesn't want a lawyer to avoid responsibility, he wants a lawyer to accept responsibility. He can't, because Susan, the mother, won't let him. Eliot talks with Tucker, Leslie and Sara about Johnny's paternity case that Mr. Marshall stuck him with, hoping to pass it on to one of them. Leslie jumps at the opportunity as it'll be her first human interest suit, meets with Johnny, and says Susan's defense is that the baby's not his. Susan, and her lawyer, Mr. Simms, arrive, and Simms says they know who the father is, but won't share the wealth as the burden of proof is on Johnny -- especially so since they're going to claim the pair were nothing more than friends. Leslie refuses settlement and threatens a messy court battle, ca

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