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Watch The Associates 1979 online: Episode 5 Eliot's Deadly Serve (a.k.a. The Deadly Serve)

Mr. Marshall announces that Bass and Marshall will soon become Bass, Marshall and Milestone, as they're getting a new senior partner, former Secretary of Treasury Thomas Milestone. At a welcoming party, Eliot tries to flatter Milestone by impressing him with his knowledge about the man's life, only to come off like a stalker. Milestone lights up when Eliot mentions squash, which they both like to play, but Milestone's the only one who likes to be both a sore loser and someone who has no respect for those who play badly. So Eliot decides to let him win, albeit by a narrow margin so he'll still look like a worthy opponent. Eliot changes his tune when Tucker tells him he overheard Milestone saying he's a despicable toadie who would lose on purpose to advance his own career. After the game, Eliot says he killed Milestone. In more ways than one. When Eliot can't work, he confesses to the others what he did on the court that made it a real deathmatch. He didn't care about Milestone, only how

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