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Watch The Associates 1979 online: Episode 4 Mr. Marshall's Love Affair

Mr. Marshall returns from a trip to Palm Beach, and brings back the ninth wealthiest woman in the world, Mary Nicholson, so he can ask for her hand in marriage. It's good news for Eliot too, since Mr. Marshall wants to relocate him to Palm Beach to handle all the other rich folks' estates there. Eliot, who thinks he'll be meeting all these hot babes in Florida, is allowed to take one of the new associates with him, and chooses hot babe Sara. But first he'll have to handle the will of the very old and tan Mrs. Nicholson, which proves a daunting task after she unwillingly jumps his bones. Eliot turns down her advances because Mr. Marshall has designs on her, but Mrs. Nicholson sets the record straight -- Mr. Marshall doesn't anymore since she told him about her new love affair! After trying to hide from his boss, Eliot eventually goes to talk with him, but Mr. Marshall makes him wait for hours until his anger passes. Then he cancels the assignment to Palm Beach. Mr. Marshall has a partin

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