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Watch The Associates 1979 online: Episode 3 Tucker's Courtroom Coup

The firm handles the case of Louis Forrestal, who's being sued for support by a former live-in love, Camille. Though Eliot doesn't want to represent him, he can't say no; Forrestal pays the firm a huge yearly retainer. Mr. Marshall tells Eliot to try for a settlement. Forrestal says he agreed to provide for her when they were in the relationship, not after it. Eliot tries unsuccessfully to talk Forrestal into settling, and panicks when he says no. So Tucker, Leslie and Sara have their first day in court, and Mr. Marshall has his first in years when he comes by to give support. Eliot shows Forrestal pictures from a P.I. that show Camille cheating on him over and over. When it looks like he's going to lose, Eliot takes the pictures and tries to smear Camille's name, but the judge puts a stop to it and Tucker convinces Eliot to let him take over. Since Camille is suing over a lost singing career she claims she gave up because of her devotion to Forrestal, Tucker makes her sing in court to

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