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What is Burn Up! W about?
Rio, Maya, Lilica, Nanvel, Yugi and Maki ain't your ordinary police officers. When trouble is brewing in Neo Tokyo, trouble of a terrorist syndicate spreading it's new tool in brain washing technology across the city, the virtual drug, the Higher Ups call upon Team WARRIOR: a top secret anti-terrorist police force that will stop at nothing to preserve the peace (Or at least their versionof it). Characters Rio When not busy patrolling the mean streets of Neo-Tokyo, or processing paperwork for her authoritarian boss- Rio is a habitual shop-o-holic that takes immense gratification in using her incredibly sexy figure to manipulate her supervisor, as well as her wanna-be boyfriend, Yuji, into getting whatever she desires out of them. When criminals and terrorist plots begin to unravel however, Rio is an entirely different person. As a member of Team Warrior, Rio fights with a tenacity that has earned Team Warrior the well-deserved reputation of being the police department's m

Actors: Rob Mungle, Matt Greenfield, Sakura Tange, Tiffany Grant, Yuka Imai, Lorraine Reyes, Kim Sevier, Tiffani Harris, Angel Fisher, Kimberly Yates, Akemi Okamura, Rick Peeples, Jason Lee, Andy Orjuela, Renee Foresman, Craig O'Conner, Dan Rockwell, Thanh T. Tran, Tracy Le

Season 1 of Burn Up! W

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