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Watch VH1 ILL ustrated online: Episode 9 Episode 12

Skits include: -The Time Pervs go back to 1995 to prevent Bill Clinton from making a huge mistake. -Dick Cheney is The Six Bazillion Dollar Vice President. -Ad for the 2005 Dudge Environmental-Holocaust SUV. -John Kerry shreds up the slopes snowboarding in his new video game ""John Kerry Pro Snowboarder"" -Donald Rumsfeld's new fragrance ""Balls"" cologne. -""VH1's 87 Greatest Celebrity Butt Cracks"" -Tom Brokaw reports on a violent hockey attack. -Samuel L. Jackson teaches us that smoking pot is for f**kheads! -The founding fathers discuss the thought of electronic mail, or E-mail for short. -""Ron Jeremy: Living"" -The founding fathers discuss the thought of internet dating.

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