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Watch VH1 ILL ustrated online: Episode 2 Episode 5

Skits include: -The Good Time Party Squad go to Robert Downey Jr.'s birthday party and try to get The Olsen Twins to do drugs. -Bush visits a fortune teller, Madame Chenella, to better lead our country. -Sly Stallone and Arnold have a sleep over. -Pete Rose opens up his own hair salon. -""Land of the Politically Lost"" -Donald Trump opens up his own hair salon and takes over Pete Rose's hair salon. -Jackie Chan screen tests new partners for Rush Hour 3. -Clay Aiken comes out...with his new album ""I'm a Vigin (but I'm not gay)"" -C-Span Senate 2006: is Carrot Top funny? -Late Night with Steven Hawking. Special guest: Keira Knightley.

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