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What is The Who, What or Where Game about?
Welcome to The Who,What or Where Game guide at TV Tome. Many times, game show producers pattern their own game shows after successful ones produced by rival companies. One such example was Jeopardy!, where contestants risked their winnings on the ability to answer general-knowledge questions. Among one of the more successful games based on Jeopardy! was The Who, What or Where Game, an Art James-hosted quizzer that ran for four years on NBC. Three contestants, including a returing champion, competed. Each contestant is given an initial bankroll of $125. James announces a category, having three as-of-yet unrevealed questions -- a "who," a "what" and a "where" question. Each question also had odds posted, based on the question's difficulty (most having even or 2:1 odds, with others had up to 5:1 odds). Each contestant secretly selects one question and wagers up to $50 on their ability to answer. All three wagers are then revealed. If just one pl

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