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What is Incredible Crash Dummies about?
The Incredible Crash Dummies are here and they are just starting to get into mischief. Meet Crash, Splice, Crunch and Gyro as they crash into walls and do other amazing stunts. The Dummies always say, We Crash Because We Care. Watch these Dummies on the Fox Box as they star in their Mini-Show in between commercials. When you see these Dummies you will not be able to stop laughing. The Incredible Crash Dummies are making this world a safer place, one crash at a time. Enjoy the action of Incredible Crash Dummies. When it comes to generating excitement from kids nationwide, the Incredible Crash Dummies are no dummies. What started out as a widely seen public service announcement for safe driving in the early 1990's called, "You Can Learn A Lot From A Dummy". The Incredible Crash Dummies became a $130 million worldwide brand. This evergreen property has reinvented itself with second generation characters and fast-paced, tongue-in-cheek short animated stories, or interstitials, that a

Actors: Eric Stuart, Andrew Rannals, Dan Green, Bill Kopp, Stuart Zagnit, Traci Paige Johnson

Season 1 of Incredible Crash Dummies

Season 2 of Incredible Crash Dummies

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