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What is The Letter People about?
The Letter People were created in 1972 by a group in Waterbury, Connecticut called New Dimensions in Education. The principles were simple: This was an educational show that taught children in kindergarten through first grade how to read using characters to represent letters of the alphabet. Theme Song: Come and meet the Letter People Come and visit in the family Words are made of Letter People A, B, C, D, Follow me The original Letter People were shaped in a quickly-identifiable fashion. All the consonants were called "Letter Boys," and the vowels were "Letter Girls." It was a perfect compliment to Title IX that Letter Girls had to be in every word the Letter People made. The Letter People television series was produced 1975-76 in the facilities of KETC in St. Louis. That station held TV distribution rights for the series, even after a "new generation" of Letter People came about in 1997. (By this tim

Actors: Joneal Joplin, King Hall, Allan Trautman

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