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What is Treasure Hunt about?
Ladies and gentlemen, this bonded security agent has just placed a check for $20, one of these 66 surprise packages. Today, someone could win any one of the fabulous prizes or that grand prize of $20,000 on ... TREASURE HUNT! Thus begun an episode of this five-a-week remake of Chuck Barris' Treasure Hunt, where female contestants hoped to select a box that contained the hidden grand prize check (worth anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000). This daily version differed from the 1973-76 edition as follows: Instead of ten contestants opening boxes and three of them getting a number to come down to the stage, host Geoff Edwards had several people holding balloons. When he gave the signal, those people popped their balloons. Only one of the balloons contained a large star. The lady who had the star would go to center stage to face the returning champion. One of these two contestants would advance, and it all centered

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