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What is Room 222 about?
Room 222 chronicles the lives of teachers and students at Walt Whitman High School, in Los Angeles. The main character is Pete Dixon, an easy-going American History teacher who attempts to help out his colleagues and students. Besides his girlfriend and school counselor Liz McIntyre, he has the help of fellow teacher Alice Johnson, and the occasional interference of cynical principal Seymour Kaufman. Pete deals primarily with the racial tensions of 1960s L.A., but also the various other teenage social issues of the day.

Actors: Bruno Kirby, Pamela Peters, Lloyd Haynes, David Jolliffe, Mwako Cumbuka, Howard Rice, Pendrant Netherly, Heshimu, Judy Strangis, Ty Henderson, Carol Worthington, Michael Constantine, Eric Laneuville, Denise Nicholas, Karen Valentine, Hollis Irving, Ta-Tanisha, Patsy Ga
Genre: Comedy
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Season 1 of Room 222

    Episode 4: The Coat  
    Episode 5: The Flu  
    Episode 22: Ralph  

Season 2 of Room 222

    Episode 9: Half Way  

Season 3 of Room 222

    Episode 1: KWWH  
    Episode 5: Hi, Dad  

Season 4 of Room 222

    Episode 10: Bleep  

Season 5 of Room 222

    Episode 12: MPG  
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