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What is Crashburn about?
"CRASHBURN taps into the dilemma of modern relationships: it's not only about falling in love that's the easy part it's about staying in love. How do you keep the thing alive and interesting when passion has given way to slippers, tracksuits and reality tv and the pledge of forever' seems highly ambitious?" ..... scarce! This new show lets us in on the lives of a man and a women in the past and present, his side of the story, her side of the story, and the friends in between. Collectively, Crashburn reveals the perspective of people who we love but fail to consider and ultimately, the costly repercussions!

Actors: Richard Piper, Bob Franklin, Veronica Sywak, Aaron Blabey, Liz Burch, Sacha Horler, Grant Piro, Catherine McClements

Season 1 of Crashburn

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