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Watch Immortal Grand Prix online: Episode 5 Part 5

So far, one Sledge Mamma pilot and two Suzaku pilots are out of the game. Takeshi, the only remaining Suzaku pilot, must now face off against two massive Sledge Mamma mechs by himself. It's not easy but it turns out that Takeshi has a trick up his sleave as he reveals that he's saved the best for last. Using weapons such as guns didn't work in his favor but he soon finds out, when he pulls out a razor-sharp sword, that it's his amazing ninja skills that he needs to help him win the game. Takeshi, leader of the amateur underdog Team Suzaku, takes out the remaining Sledge Mamma mechs and wins the IG-1 Grand Prix surprising himself and the world. Just as the team celebrates Major Hamgra reveals his ulterior motives for helping out Team Suzaku. Hamgra has had plans to merge his team with Team Suzaku which would mean that Takeshi, Liz and Amy would have to face becoming cyberbetically enhanced pilots. If they refuse they will be forced to pay the outragously expensive dues that they owe f

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