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What is Good Morning, Miss Bliss about?
Good Morning, Miss Bliss was about a junior high teacher, Miss Bliss, played by Hayley Mills, and some of her students, including Zack, Screech, Nikki, Mikey, & Lisa. Miss Bliss was an innovative teacher, which did not always please her boss, Mr. Belding, who was the principal of the school. Miss Bliss had been widowed a couple of years before and so juggled her personal life with her commitment to her students. The setting of the show was JFK Junior High in Indiana. Spin-offs- Saved by the Bell-Pretty much the same show with new teachers, and new kids. Saved by the Bell: The college years-The same middle school kids from Miss Bliss's class are off and headed for college. But what havok will they cause over there? Saved by the Bell: The New Class- A new cast of characters, that attend High School. They expierience many adventures and have run-ins with the original cast...sometimes.

Actors: Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Heather Hopper, Dennis Haskins, Dustin Diamond, Max Battimo, Hayley Mills, Joan Ryan, T.K. Carter, Lark Voorhies
Genre: Comedy
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    Episode 1: Pilot  

Season 1 of Good Morning, Miss Bliss

    Episode 11: Stevie  
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