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What is The Bob Clampett Show about?
He is the man Bugs Bunny calls Dad! In May of 2000, Cartoon Network primiered The Bob Clampett Show a tribute show to one of animation's greatest pioneers, Bob Clampett! The show was perhaps one of the greatest and most factual series the network ever aired (besides of course The Popeye Show and Toonheads). Every single cartoon aired was shown completely uncut. The opening would include vintage Looney Tunes hand puppets introducing the show. Though sadly the show flopped and didn't last one season before cancellation and no one has heard from the show since At first everone was surprised to see a few computer colorized Porky cartoons when strictly black and white prints were to be initally shown. Jerry Beck, a notable animation historian and an insider on the Clampett Show project confirmed that there would be a mix of colorized and black and white Porkys. Another surprise was the allowment of Clampett's Beany and

Actors: Bob Clampett, Mel Blanc

Season 1 of The Bob Clampett Show

Season 2 of The Bob Clampett Show

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